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CHIO Architects


  • Practice: CHIO Architects
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  • Firm Location: Singapore
  • Country: Singapore
  • Year: 2019

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Ar. Chio Wen Tian

Wen Tian is the principal architect of CHIO Architects, an award-winning young architecture practice in Singapore. He graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Master of Architecture in 2014 as the top graduate and went on to win awards such as the Grand Winner of the Singapore Design Awards in 2022 and the Municipal Services Awards in 2023. He currently serves as the Chair of the Young Architects League (YAL) at the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA).




Chua Yi Xi

Yi Xi is a senior associate of CHIO Architects and worked on Ola Hale in 2022. He graduated with a Masters of Architecture from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2015. Since graduation, Yi Xi has worked for DP Architects (Singapore) on numerous local and overseas projects, ranging from resort master planning to residential design.


Practice Ideology

CHIO Architects is an award-winning architecture practice in Singapore that believes design is not just the careful crafting of spaces but also a vibrant language that tells a compelling story. They believe that every project they undertake is an opportunity to craft a unique narrative, blending innovation and creativity to shape inspiring environments. Their approach is centered around exploration, seeking new dimensions within the architectural landscape. They collaborate closely with the clients, understanding their aspirations and translating them into architectural expressions that resonate. Every design they conceive is a carefully curated narrative where form, function, and emotion intertwine seamlessly.

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