Cun Panda Nana

Cun Panda Nana


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Lin Jiacheng

Born in Fujian in 1984, interior architect Cunjiang is a partner of Panda Space Design. His cute and honest childlike image is affectionately praised by the media as “Panda Dad”. He is the master of post-80s children’s space design. He is the first person in China to apply the parenting philosophy of Professor Finaux, the “Father of German Early Childhood Education”. The designer, who has perfectly integrated into the Chinese children’s space, has won unanimous praise from China and Germany.




Cai Xuanna









Practice Ideology

CUN PANDA, co-founded by Mr. Lin Jiacheng and Ms. Cai Xuanna, is dedicated to researching the strategies and future positioning of Chinese commercial brands. They aim to unearth the inspiration and cultural value that originally belonged to different brands and assist the locations of commercial projects in rethinking their branding processes. Since its inception, CUN PANDA has designed and completed a series of projects in various fields, including brand research and exploration, family education, and high-end residences. With a comprehensive professional approach that encompasses brand coordination, design control, and a fusion of brand visuals, lighting, and installation art, they provide a diversified range of high-quality and comprehensive professional design and consulting services.

Cunjiang Panda: This is a team dedicated to children’s space design, focusing on kindergartens, parent-child restaurants, libraries, and playgrounds, as well as commercial spaces for children such as high-end private residences. Cunjiang Panda advocates respecting children’s designs and introduces Germany’s most scientific and innovative early childhood education system. With pure natural and environmentally friendly materials and a first-class design team, it is committed to creating a healthy and happy growth environment for children. It has received attention from the national media, and its reputation spans the geographical boundaries of the country. It has both international vision and local experience. With the design goal of maximising the interests of customers and social education, they strive to provide customers with innovative and diversified planning and high-value-added Architectural design solutions.

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