DA Integrating Limited

DA Integrating Limited


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Chinman Ngai

Mr. Chinman Ngai advocates “LESS FOR MORE”, is committed to the research of minimalist pragmatism and art spaces, and incorporates it into design practices and daily life. By introducing light and nature, we hope to create comfortable, growing, and eternal spaces.






Practice Ideology

DA Integrating Limited is a creative solution provider for spaces of cross-border contemporary art. “D” represents design and pragmatism, while “A” means art. Chinman Ngai founded the design practice in London in 2013, with the aspiration of seamlessly integrating pragmatism and contemporary art into daily life. So far, we’ve created a great many contemporary art spaces, including but not limited to Shenzhen eMoCA, Sanya Museum of Contemporary Art, KENNAXU Gallery, Suiyue Art (Chengdu), and Tus Museum of Contemporary Art.

Based on the observations of contemporary humanistic lifestyles, DA INTEGRATING LIMITED mainly focuses on contemporary art and meanwhile works in a wide spectrum of fields. We work on a wide range of projects such as contemporary art and cultural spaces, yachts & trailers, microarchitecture, boutique stores, boutique hotels, residences, etc., and offer integrated, customized services which span upscale design, furnishings, decoration execution, and more.

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