Daaz Office

Daaz Office


  • Practice: Daaz Office
  • Website: daazoffice.com/
  • Firm Location: Fereshteh, Tehran
  • Country: Iran
  • Year: 2018

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Arash Aliabadi (Principal Architect)

Arash Aliabadi (Iran, 1981) graduated from the University of Tehran (Faculty of Fine Arts) 

He is the founder and CEO of DAAZ office, which has been located in Tehran since 2018.
Prior to that, From 2007 to 2017, he worked as a founding partner of VAV Studio the architecture group (dissolved in 2020).

Arash has been nominated, a finalist and a winner of many architectural awards around the world, including; Aga Khan Architecture Award (cycle 2022-2019) as well as Memar Award in Iran.

Furthermore, he participated in Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016 , and likewise collaborated on different projects with Nader Tehrani and Alejandro Aravena.

He has experience working in small and large scale projects from furniture design to urban design.

Practice Ideology

DAAZ Office was founded by Arash Aliabadi in 2018 with activities in the field of architecture and urban design.  DAAZ Office works and researches different projects from furniture design to Architecture, Landscape and urban design.   We won and were nominated for many awards including; Aga Khan Award for Architecture, 2A Asia Architecture Award and many others.

 “DAAZ” is known by the scientific name Nannorhops ritchiana from the palmaceae family in the Iran, Baluchistan region , which in Persian is called “short palm” or “wild palm”. Most of the things needed by the villagers in the Baluchistan region (Iran), from mats under the feet to various containers for storing and carrying all kinds of general necessities and even creating shelters, are made from  “DAAZ”  leaves, which, of course, require special skill and elegance.

 The DAAZ office team consists of talented and committed people, all of whom strive to present  high-quality results.

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