Design Nest

Design Nest


  • Practice: Design Nest
  • Firm Location: Sevasi, Vadodara, Gujarat
  • Country: India
  • Year: NA

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Ar. Krishna Shah

Krishna Shah is an architect based in Vadodara and a graduate from CEPT University. She is an academician and a practicing architect with 15 years of experience. She believes in simple solution based design approach with hands-on spatial explorations through model making. She has explored various details in steel and fibre reinforced plastic. She is influenced from the works of Ben Van Berkel, Peter Eisenman, Glenn Murcutt, Louis I kahn and many more.




Practice Ideology

Design nest is a multidisciplinary practice in the field of architecture, interior, landscape and product design.  Our design ideology includes various design tools such as abstraction, design matrix and diagramming, these tools of design are then worked out with the program and hence the site. Our initial explorations starts with case studies around the globe followed by basic sectional, volumetric and anthropological understandings with site context, converting them into three dimensional volumes with physical modeling and software. Structural clarity has remained the main point of concern in our designs. We have been designing various residences, studios, laboratories and office buildings in the factories, where opportunities comes up with various kinds of issues from macro to micro levels. Our main focus is to ease out life of the users with simple and programmatic layout with hierarchy of volumes, simplified services and nodes to spill over. There have been times where a design decisions are taken after experimenting with different materials on site, so as to suffice the requirement but with sensitivity towards the context and the users. The methodology changes for every project depending upon the typology of the project aiming to create a niche into the spaces through different thought processes and design tools.

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