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Sukhmani Brar

A graduate of School of Architecture, CEPT Ahmedabad, Sukhmani has been taught by Prof. Anant Raje, Prof. Kurula Varkey, Prof. Neelkanth Chhaya, Prof. Miki Desai & Artist Murali Cheeroth. As an exchange student to ETH Zurich, she has studied under Peter Eisenman During the course of her architectural career, she has worked with Bijoy Jain in Alibagh, Morphing systems in Zurich, Anthill designs in Ahmedabad and has collaborated with architects Kamal Mangaldas, Girish Karnawat, MVRDV and TOPOTEK1 Berlin.

She has worked on housing and architectural projects of substantial scale: as Associate Architect at Archohm Consults, Noida she has worked on many proposals for urban interventions, such as religious institutions, museums, mixed use commercial developments etc.

Sukhmani brings the dimension of research and a contemplative pace into the practice and prefers thoroughness in approach while dealing with design & material alternatives, building regulations, cost estimations, project schedules and construction specifications.

she has also founded The Vessel, curating and hosting , in collaboration with artists and creative practitioners, workshops, talks, discussions and exhibitions for amateur and advanced enthusiasts alike.

Siddharth Singh

A graduate of School of Architecture, CEPT Ahmedabad, Siddharth has had the good fortune of being taught by architects Anant Raje, Kurula Varkey, Miki Desai & Neelkath Chhaya and artist Murali Cheeroth.

In addition to the upgradation of Taj Ganj: urban revitalization of the three access roads to the Taj Mahal, Siddharth was the project architect at Archohm Consults, Noida, for several high profile public projects. As founding partner of Studio11, he headed the revitalization of the House of CG, Ahmedabad into a heritage hotel in its critical initial stages. He has worked on several large scale proposals across a wide range of project types: river fronts, forest and urban parks, cultural complexes and master planning.

SIddharth’s professional associations include internships with Anupama Kundoo in Auroville and CEARTH in Kochin; and collaborations with DCOOP, Mumbai, Snehal Shah Architect, Ahmedabad, Girish Karnavat, Benthem Crowel, Amsterdam and the Berlin Studios of David Chipperfield Architects & Topotek1.

In 2011 Siddharth created image:medium:actor a course on emotions & creativity which employs graphics, text, collage & theater as mediums and participant’ memories and associations as raw material. While the pedagogy was predominantly in workshop format, Siddharth’s time as associate professor at IIAD, New Delhi, allowed him to evolve the workshop into an introductory course in Spatial Design.

Besides spatial design, he is involved in graphics and publications through his visual communication design enterprise compoundeye.

Siddharth is a keen writer of both lyrical and prosaic text. He is very fond of singing and has also composed a song. He is a trigger-happy phone-photographer and loves making vidoes and montages to share experiences that move him.

Practice Ideology

(Text as submitted by the Architects)

Design Pendulum is a spatial design firm providing housing, architecture, interior design and exhibition design consultancy.

Principal Architect Sukhmani Brar and Partner Architect Siddharth Singh, are both graduates of the School of Architecture, CEPT Ahmedabad.

Design Pendulum’s repertoire of architecture includes residential, institutional & commercial buildings & complexes and both new developments as well as revitalization projects. We also keenly seek measure drawing opportunities of heritage buildings whether traditional, vernacular or modern in architecture. While the housing presented in this unit include EWS, LIG & HIG and both low-rise as well as high-rise developments, landscape urbanism includes urban redevelopment, river front development and urban & forest parks

Design Pendulum’s interior design works includes residential, hospitality, F&B, office & commercial spaces. Exhibition Design is a very fascinating area for us to explore tremendous opportunities of space, form, materials & lighting coming together for a short duration of time, yet having great impact on the large number and density of people experiencing the creation.

Design Pendulum’s spatial design is exuberant and imbued with numerous subtleties that are particularly experienced in the gradual pace of inhabitation. While the aesthetic experience offers some necessary surprises to get inhabitants to emotionally engage with the place, it largely plays out as an accommodating frame for the theater of its inhabitants’ lives.

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