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David Kudla









Practice Ideology

The leader of the dkarchitekti studio is David Kudla, a Faculty of Architecture of Brno Technical University graduate. His former work experience includes PAW studio with architect Jindřich Škrabal or architect Antonín Novák at DRNH, where he participated, for example, in the reconstruction of the Castle Riding Hall in Lednice, protected by UNESCO, or in the award-winning swimming pool in Litomyšl. After more work experience, he co-founded the dkarchitekti studio in 2016, which he leads and determines its direction to this day. Besides company management, he attends to each project individually.

The dkarchitekti team consists of 17 members, most of whom are architects. The team handles projects for the public and private sectors at different scales. They work with wood structures and environmental principles of sustainable architecture, contribute to improving the quality of urban development and cooperate closely with artists both in public space and in the interiors.

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