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doT & associates


  • Practice: doT & associates
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  • Firm Location: Taipei City
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Year: 2016

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

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Practice Ideology

Architecture and design are mental habits for us, and everything related to space can be regarded as an extension of architectural thinking. Listen to the muttering of the environment in addition to the video record, and then start the translation process of gaze, writing, and dialogue…, prior to the physical nature, hope to capture and imagine the “air”

“Air” is fluid and erratic, and will change with the natural scenery, clouds and rain, crowds’ joys and sorrows, etc……. We imagine, think and develop suitable materials and construction methods, and then shape the possible containment Various “air”-like spaces, including utensils, installations, furniture, interiors, houses, factories, public buildings, landscapes, etc. design and engineering projects are executed.

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