dp Arquitectos

dp Arquitectos


(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Diamantino Maia Pinho

Born in 1966 in Maia, Porto. Graduated in Architecture at the F.A.U.P. – Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto. Develops his professional activity, individually or with specific partnerships, as author and coordinator in projects of various programs and types, for public and private clients. Participates, being awarded, in national and international competitions.


Practice Ideology

Architectural intervention solves problems. It needs innovation as a factor of human and natural adaptation to reality. However, innovation cannot be a naive and blind break that rejects previous memory and knowledge. It will always be an unfinished search, shaped by a time, environment and culture, present in new circumstances and programmatic densities, working theory and reality with boldness to try new paths and perspectives. In this disciplinary universe, the purification of design and processes will lead to objects of greater success and beauty, in a desired continuity of form, light and materiality over time.
It is, essentially, a technical and cultural gesture dedicated to the comfort of human use, where the fragile balance between the elementary and the complex reveals itself as the final goal.

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