Duy Le Architects

Duy Le Architects


  • Practice: Duy Le Architects
  • Website: duyle-architects.com
  • Firm Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Country: Viet Nam
  • Year: 2020

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Le Trong Duy

About Le Trong Duy, the founder of Duy Le Architects:

Le Trong Duy graduated from BINH DUONG UNIVERSITY of Architectural Faculty in 2016 with the project “Phu Quoc beach resort resort”. At the same time, he also obtained the Diploma of Senior Architectural Painter from Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, 2011-2013.

– Architect Le Trong Duy was born in 1993 in Soc Trang, Vietnam.

– Studied Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, Binh Duong University BDU 2011-2016

– Studied Architectural Painter at Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture UAH 2011-2013.

– Founder of architectural software training center: ARCHITECTURE GRAPHICS 2014-2017

– Permanent partner and architect with many design offices nationwide 2016-2019.

– Participated in teaching and training architectural painters in Ho Chi Minh City 2016-2017

– Founded Duy Le Architects in 2020.

Currently, he is the Project Manager, in charge of designing the architecture department for Duy Le Architects.

Practice Ideology

Le Trong Duy from Duy Le Architects says:  “I always want to create impressive and different architectural works, sustainable with time, expressing the creativity and personality of Vietnamese people, not only for Vietnamese customers but also in the world. Around the world”.

Creativity in accordance with modern trends shows the creative imprint of the architect and the distinct ego of the investor based on respecting nature, culture, and society.

All these efforts are channeled into one uncompromising vision: to create architecture that harmonizes nature, and the vernacular through modern materials and methods, and contemporary design. We see that work as a way not only to refine the urban environment but also to provide a sense of balance and harmony to the whole.

Our two main design influences are sculpture and climate. It all starts with being sensitive to the local climate and mitigating the effects of climate change by using sustainable, cost-effective, energy-efficient materials.

Be inspired by sculptural forms and simple shapes. It is important that our designs must be a reflection of the people living in that space, the building is not just a reflection of the architect’s thinking. So, in addition to looking very closely at the location and surrounding landscape, we also wanted to understand the owner’s story. Creating architectural art that is different and has its temperament is our manifesto.

“For me, an architect is a real spatial programmer with a creative mind that blends art and technology. They fly in the stream of creative ideas with handbooks of science and technology, economics, culture, society, music, painting, love of nature, love of people, love of creation.”

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