Estudio MRGB

Estudio MRGB


  • Practice: Estudio MRGB
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Brasilia
  • Country: Brazil
  • Year: 2004

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Igor Campos

Architect Urbanist at Universidade de Uberaba – Uniube, in 1997. Master degree at Université Libre de Bruxelles – ULB in Belgium in 1999, with a thesis in “Art de Bâtir – Rénovation Urbaine et Rurale.” He Joined the architect Sérgio Roberto Parada between 2000 and 2004. He founded Estúdio MRGB in 2004. Presided the Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil IAB – Departamento do Distrito Federal in the biennial 2008/2009. Counselor of Conselho de Arquitetura e Urbanismo do Distrito Federal – CAU/DF from 2011 to 2017. He was a substitute professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Universidade de Brasília, FAU-UnB, between 2016 and 2017. Professor since 2001 at Centro Universitário de Brasília, UniCeub, in the Design chair. With the office Sérgio Roberto Parada Architects Associates, he collaborated as co-author in several projects, among which stand out the International Airport of Brasília/DF, Marechal Rondon Airport in Várzea Grande/MT and the Garage Building of Congonhas Airport, in São Paulo/ SP. Igor was awarded in several architecture competitions, among them, the Design for the Comandante Ferraz Station in Antarctica.

Hermes Romao

Architect Urbanist at Centro Universitário de Brasília – UniCeub, in 2009. Have collaborated during 2005-2007 in the office TAO Arquitetura. Participant in several architectural competitions was a part of the team that classified in second place led by the Architect Paulo Henrique Paranhos for the design of the University of ABC in Santo André. Participant on the 21st Prêmio Opera Prima representing the UniCeub with his graduation design: Vinícola em Bagé. On the 10th Premio Jovens Arquitetos promoted by the Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil – IAB Department of São Paulo. He was awarded in several architecture competitions, among them, the Design for the Comandante Ferraz Station in Antarctica.


Rodolfo Marques

Architect Urbanist at Centro Universitário de Brasília – UniCeub, in 2015. He has experience in residential, commercial and institutional architecture. Participated in several national and international architectural design competitions. Among them are the contests promoted by the Companhia de Desenvolvimento Habitacional do Distrito Federal (CODHAB/DF) awarded in third place: Housing Units Collective in Samambaia; third place: Basic Health Unit – Parque do Riacho and second place: Elementary School – Parque do Riacho. He joined the Estúdio MRGB in 2014 as a collaborator. In 2017, he was a member of the Office ‘s Managing Director, having collaborated in several works as co-author. He is currently Project Director.


Practice Ideology

The Estúdio MRGB is an architecture and urbanism office founded in 2004 in Brasília, to design great architecture for people. The Estudio unites the experiences of architects, engineers, and professionals of many different areas that collaborate with our production. The fact that we think of well being of people, as a principle, brings us the duty of taking further the architecture practice with quality, purpose, coherence, and ethic. The Estudio’s visual identity, characterized by the letters MRGB, have a narrow connection with Brasília. The initials symbolizes four scales that configure the architecture and urbanism of the city – Monumental, Residencial, Gathering, and Bucolic. The admiration, respect, and recognition for the contribution that the architect Lúcio Costa gave, not only in the construction of the new Republican capital city but above all, to the consolidation of our practice in Brazil, guides our work as architects and urbanists.

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