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Fathom Studio


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Practice Ideology

Regardless of project, discipline, or media, as an interdisciplinary firm we generally employ the same process. We have found the process to be adaptable to any type of project, regardless of size, complexity, or final product. Our approach emphasizes collaboration with clients and subject matter experts, and an iterative methodology aimed at defining the problem in order to hone in on a solution.

If discovery leads to definition, then design is about exploration. We start generating many ideas—hundreds sometimes—evaluate them against the objectives defined earlier, then run a few concepts through their paces. It is in this phase that design begins to take shape. The goal here is to work with the client choose a direction for further refinement.

A good idea can only be great once it has gone through a rigorous development process. We refine everything from the form to colour, from language to tone, from massing to materiality. The development phase is an iterative process. We constantly refine a solution, test it, and then refine it again. We then test our results against the project objectives, as a prototype or with the public.

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