FGR Architects

FGR Architects


  • Practice: FGR Architects
  • Website: fgrarchitects.com.au/
  • Firm Location: Cremorne, Victoria
  • Country: Australia
  • Year: NA

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Feras Raffoul








Practice Ideology

The best possible architecture for the human heart, mind, and body is what FGR Architects are driven to create. The firm excels at design. It is the climax of the client’s and the firm’s stories, and is much more than just an imposed shape or area. There are checklists to complete and then there is the skill of thoughtfully and considerately bringing life to a structure. Prior to becoming really expansive, architecture must be reduced, condensed, and refined. The client can plainly see that FGR Architects use subtraction to make additions so that they can show them that the architecture is well-informed and knows where it is going.

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