Francesca Perani Enterprise

Francesca Perani Enterprise


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Francesca Perani

Architect-activist, visual designer, educator.

Francesca graduated in architecture from Politecnico di Milano and trained in Belgium, Australia, Uk. In 2007 she established Francesca perani Enterprise, an award-winning studio based in Bergamo, Italy. 

She is the co-founder and curator of the activist project Rebel Architecte advocates for equality in Architecture through the open dissemination of female role models.

She is the founder of cutoutmix an internationally famous free open platform to answer the growing need for more equal and diverse cutouts populating design renders.

Practice Ideology

She enjoys experimenting with the space-making process through the obsessive use of holes, sharp diagonals, and bold materials that can break the 90°degrees box rules. She needs to move on to round surfaces, sustainable materials, and a more equitable collaborative environment.

She works tirelessly across multiple facets of architecture and visual communication with irony and constant experimentation.

Her emotional and communicative charge finds its expression in objects and surfaces.

Material and visual experimentation, trial and error, and emotional and communicative charge find their expression in spaces, objects and graphics. The practice is driven by the power of shared creativity as an effective instrument to bring about change.

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