Freeform Design

Freeform Design


  • Practice: Freeform Design
  • Firm Location: Shenzhen
  • Country: China
  • Year: NA

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Henk Xiao

Graduating from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Henk Xiao has been specializing in space design in the fields of commercial real estate and brand hotels for fifteen years. His design works have won numerous prestigious international design awards.





Practice Ideology

Shenzhen Freeform Design Co., Ltd. is a design practice dedicated to offering high-end design services. It consists of a group of talented and experienced young designers, each with a distinct professional background and a diverse perspective. All the chief designers have extensive experience working in internationally renowned design firms. Freeform Design specializes in various sectors, including commercial real estate, boutique hotels, clubs, offices, and upscale private residences, and is dedicated to offering integrated design solutions that involve architecture, interiors, and furnishings.

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