Funun Lab

Funun Lab


  • Practice: Funun Lab
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Beijing
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2016

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Fan Jie

Mr. Fan Jie is the founder and creative director of Funun Lab. He possesses a variety of work honours; in 2019, he was in the Top 10 New Commercial Designers and won the A&D Awards Best Bar & Restaurant Broze. He was a finalist in Beijing Interior Design 40 Under 40 and was among the top 10 designers for the Golden Creativity Design Award, for which he won the Gold Award. In 2019, he was also among the AD100’s 100 Most Talented Young Architects and Interior Designers in China.





Practice Ideology

Funun Lab is a professional institute of interior space design that was founded by Mr. Fan Jie in 2016 and is located in Beijing. As it was deeply influenced by the founder, the Lab is dedicated to creating inspirational work of high quality and exploring the best outcomes of space design and branding integration.

Funun Lab has expertise in digging up these tremendous core values, such as the culture behind the brand. Combined with unique aesthetic insights and creative ideas, the lab also precisely conveys the brand’s characteristics and provides a one-of-a-kind experience to each customer.

Funun Lab works with a rigorous attitude, has strict control over project progress, is rooted in the quality of the design project, and seeks a full presentation of the design concept.

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