Germano de Castro Pinheiro Arquitectos

Germano de Castro Pinheiro Arquitectos


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Practice Ideology

The architecture firm Germano de Castro Pinheiro was founded at the end of the 1930s by the hand of the architect Germano de Castro, having immediately become a reference in the provision of high quality services in the fields of urbanism, construction, rehabilitation and remodeling applied to the most diverse programs: single and multi-family housing, services, healthcare, hotels, commercial, industrial, sports and interior architecture.  The search for being up-to-date with conceptual, technical and material innovations, reflecting on them and combining tradition with the avant-garde, was the concern that underpinned and sustained its constant modernization. Only in this way was it possible to maintain our customers’ willingness to continue choosing him as a partner to this day. It has partnerships with experienced technicians in all areas involved in the different stages of the process, ensuring its efficiency and speed, and is committed to following it, with all rigor, until its completion, meeting customer satisfaction. In 1981 Germano Manuel Torres de Castro Pinheiro becomes a managing partner, continuing the work he had done until then. This extends to the present day and is already in the hands of the third generation of family architects, guaranteeing the maintenance of the methodology and principles that have guided the various projects carried out over more than 70 years.

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