HabitArt Architecture Studio

HabitArt Architecture Studio


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Aditya Venkat

A graduate of the RV College of Architecture in Bangalore, Aditya firmly believes in the practice of context-based architecture. At HabitArt Studio, he commands this principle with a staunch belief that contextual architecture is organically built through collaborations with its grassroots: local craftsmen, material at the site, and climate-responsive design. 

For over a decade, Aditya has dabbled around with earth-based materials. Through practical experimenting and implementation, the practice has found the practice of earthen architecture as its calling across various typologies and scales of projects. 

He is a believer in collaboration and brings with him a sense of strong work ethic, discipline, and ideologies in working as a collective. The practice is now collective-based and has found its principles implemented in projects across India.

Practice Ideology

At HabitArt Studio, the designers consciously make an effort to work with a grounded approach. They believe in the earth and the wonderful joys of working closely with it. The studio is a multi-disciplinary practice that works on crafting bespoke spaces draped in rich earthen textures, articulated through natural lighting, ventilation, and principles of contextual climatology. 

HabitArt Studio features a team of young and passionate architects striving towards creating a unique approach to every project, irrespective of the scale and requirements. It gives them immense pleasure to collaborate with their clients, fellow peers, vendors, contractors, and most of all, the masons who put together a project, brick by brick. 

Da Vinci’s principle, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” is deeply rooted in their process-driven approach. To them, architecture is an amalgamation of collaborations across various personalities from different walks of life!

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