• Practice: IVVA
  • Firm Location: Shanghai
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2019

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Practice Ideology

Established in 2019, IVVA (SHANGHAI), INC. has actively launched the business in domestic and foreign markets to contribute to strengthening the international influence of Chinese design. Following Oriental design wisdom, IVVA works to “create infinite worldly scenes out of limitations”. With “foreseeing the whole picture through details and incorporating literary mind into picturesque landscapes” as the design vision, the practice specializes in delivering whole-process landscape solutions covering engineering, manufacturing, procurement and construction (EMPC).

In spite of the constraints of limited site area and budget, IVVA makes efforts to build and upgrade the brand image of property developments through landscape creation, so as to enhance the premium and speed up the sale of properties.

IVVA is dedicated to experimental and classic landscape design, and endeavors to lead a wide variety of landscape styles, including fashionable modern style, Miami vacation style, Dubai style, natural vacation style, garden style, metropolitan style, neo Chinese style and upscale artistic landscape, as well as the design of vigorous urban public space. What’s more, the practice pursues the perfect unity among master planning, architecture, interior, landscape, lighting and artwork.

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