Joost De Meuter Architecture – JDMA

Joost De Meuter Architecture – JDMA


  • Practice: Joost De Meuter Architecture - JDMA
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Brussels
  • Country: Belgium
  • Year: 2020

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Joost De Meuter

Joost de Meuter graduated from the Henry van de Velde institute in Antwerp (University of Antwerp). After which, he worked in Antwerp in the architectural offices. Soon after, he founded JDMA as a small-scale enterprise, intending to cater to the broader spectrum of design ranging from architecture, interior design, and landscape design. 

He hopes to make the knowledge gained from this wide range of activities fruitful for each project to obtain responsible and thoughtful designs. In this approach, he always strives for solidity, serenity, and durability that stand the test of time and with sufficient attention to the context of each project.

Practice Ideology

JDMA intends to create atmospheres and environments and is interested in everything ranging from large-scale urban development to medium-scale building and designing small-scale objects.

JDMA wants to be a reliable partner by exploring the relationship between spaces and behaviors. They are curious about materiality, texture, and incidence of light but also are concerned about sustainability and acting sustainably. Lastly, they love the poetic gestures the space has and also the idea of creating these spaces.

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