Kanisavaran Office

Kanisavaran Office


  • Practice: Kanisavaran Office
  • Website: kanisavaran.com/
  • Firm Location: Tehran
  • Country: Iran
  • Year: 2012

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Mohammad Kanisavaran

Mohammad Kanisavaran is an Architect and interior designer of Kanisavaran Architectural Group. he has experienced as an architect and interior designer for drawing projects of various typologies with focusing on both the interior and the exterior design from concept stage to completion. His artistic skills go beyond architecture and he is making his mark in conceptual art and design. He also has received several awards and recognitions in different architecture and interior design competitions in this recent years. last but not least, he tries to experience innovative and creative ways in architectural projects.


Practice Ideology

Kanisavaran Architectural Group is a multidisciplinary Iranian practice that integrates architecture, planning, and interior design. We craft places that live in memory by employ a collaborative process to provide creative solutions for our client’s specific circumstances that educate, engage and inspire.

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