Konstantinos Stathopoulos – KRAK. architects

Konstantinos Stathopoulos – KRAK. architects


  • Practice: Konstantinos Stathopoulos - KRAK. architects
  • Website: www.krak.gr/
  • Firm Location: Athens
  • Country: Greece
  • Year: 2018

(“Text as submitted by architect “)

Konstantinos Stathopoulos

Konstantinos Stathopoulos is Greek architect with a master in architectural design and material science. He founded konstantinos stathopoulos | KRAK. Architects in order to express his ideas in space. With his project “Casa Odyssia”, has gained attention and was selected amongst the best architects for the 10th Biennale of Young Greek Architects.




Practice Ideology

konstantinos Stathopoulos | KRAK. Architects is an upcoming architectural firm based in Athens Greece providing tailor-made architecture for people with vision. The environment in which we are called to act is often characterized by rigid habits and perceptions. However, just like a flower can grow in the crack (KRAK.) of a rock, architectural ideas concepts can sprout in cracks. Each innovation is called upon to firmly present a surplus of creative energy against convenience. Only then can it begin to flourish.  Architecture instead of being mimetic, it must be primarily dialectic compromising; a sincere expression of the truth of its creator. And most importantly with” Reason and Dream”.

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