KUN Studio

KUN Studio


  • Practice: KUN Studio
  • Website: www.kunstudio.in/
  • Firm Location: Hyderabad & Delhi
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2020

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Arya Kaushik

Arya Kaushik is an architect, maker of puns and a cinema geek. Arya specializes in the domain of adaptive reuse and master planning projects in socially, economically, and politically charged contexts.




Saagar Tulshan

Saagar Tulshan specializes in architecture, design & urbanism. He climbs rocks, dives and plays the ukulele for fun. Saagar is also working with Real Estate Research, Location Intelligence & Urban Data Science.




Shreyansh Sett

Shreyansh Sett looks for stories in people and places, and would prefer to explore streets over museums. He believes that architecture is a tool of social change, and spaces are an extension to the human body.




Practice Ideology

Kun is a word for the act of “manifesting”, “existing” or “being”. KUN is a design studio for contextual, strategic, responsible and thoughtful architecture. The firm works across architecture, interior & urban design with clients across Asia & Europe.

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