KURZ architects

KURZ architects


  • Practice: KURZ architects
  • Website: www.kurz.archi/
  • Firm Location: Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Year: 2017

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Zuzana & Jan Kurz

Zuzana and Jan Kurz, married architects, stand at the heart of the studio. Both graduated from the Faculty of Art and Architecture at the Technical University in Liberec. Real contours found their passion in 2017, when they founded the KURZ architects studio, and since then, step by step, they have been successfully building a space in which everyone involved, through fellow architects, designers, contractors, and creators in general, is inspired and encouraged to come up with their own creative solution. 

In the process of their creation, the freedom and trust of the client are important to them. From these two main ingredients, the essence and charm of individual projects gradually materialize. Their approach to work does not recognise handwriting. He believes that each place requires a unique attitude and approach, consideration for local peculiarities, and the needs of the client. Nevertheless, it could be said that the work of Zuzana and Jan is characterised by respect for nature, passion for materials in their raw form, a sense of detail, and, last but not least, respect for traditions and proven methods. 

Zuzana and Jan inherently belong to their sons Olbram and Gustav, the snow-white dog Jindřich, and the Velký Jindřichov farm in the solitude of the Novohradské mountains, where they decided to settle and live permanently. They devote a large part of their free time to the revitalization of the surrounding landscape; they restore the original roads, restore God’s torment, and plant avenues. In this way, they are trying to breathe a long-term vision into Novohradsk’s cultural landscape with respect for its disgraced past and considerate care for its future.

Practice Ideology

KURZ Architects Studio was founded in 2017 so that Zuzana and Jan Kurz, who are at the very heart of the studio, would give a real outline of their mutual passion. Since then, they have been building, step by step, a space where everyone involved, from fellow architects, planners, suppliers, etc., is inspired and, most importantly, encouraged to come up with their own creative solutions. In 2021, the studio was ranked among the top 10 most promising young architectural studios by the acclaimed ARCHITECT+ magazine.

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