LDH Architectural Design Firm

LDH Architectural Design Firm


  • Practice: LDH Architectural Design Firm
  • Website: www.ldhdesign.cn/
  • Firm Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2018

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Liu Daohua

Liu Daohua is a famous crossover designer and the founder of the LDH architectural design firm. He is a special professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, an expert member of the soft decoration expert committee of the China Decoration Association, and the Deputy Secretary General of the Display Art Committee [ADCC] of the China Interior Decoration Association.

He is a catering space design expert, Interior Design Cover Person of the Year 2018, China Food Best 50 Person of the Year 2019, China Food Best 50 Person of the Year 2018, and China Design Person of the Year.



Practice Ideology

LDH DESIGN expresses the classical oriental aesthetics of the commercial restaurant itself, shaping the character of the space and giving the project an inner unity from the physical to the spiritual. Adhering to the concept of “making valuable design”, the designers let Manmanhai reflect the brand’s value concept in the space, construct a Chinese space in terms of light, colour, shape, and air, inject artistic emotion into the commercial iteration of the construction, create the complimentary value of Chinese dining space, and explore and realise the possibility of combining aesthetic living scenes and public scenes.

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