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Practice Ideology

Localworks is an award-winning multi-disciplinary design and build collaborative, based in Uganda, that specialises in the design and realisation of ecological architecture in East Africa. The collaborative was set up by a number of building consultancy firms, including Studio FH Architects, Aquila Gallery, and Equatorsun, who offer integrated services under one roof. Localworks provides one-stop masterbuilder services to their clients, with a proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects in difficult environments. 

Motivated in equal parts by idealism, pragmatism, and professionalism, they have assembled a closely-knit team of professionals—architects, interior and landscape designers, civil/structural and mechanical/electrical engineers, quantity surveyors, and project managers—who together are committed to advancing green architecture in theory and in practice. Their approach is rooted in the principles of sustainable architecture, with a focus on site-sensitive, contextual design and socioeconomic, environmental, and technological appropriateness. 

The East African environment they operate in presents a unique set of challenges, from climate and terrain to economic and logistical considerations to available materials and skills, but they have the view that these challenges do not represent a good enough excuse to settle for unimaginative designs or poor construction quality. Instead, they believe that good design can make the world a better place and that well-conceived buildings can make a positive impact on clients and the community alike.

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