Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos

Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos


  • Practice: Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Mexico City
  • Country: Mexico
  • Year: 2016

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Lucila Aguilar de la Lama

Lucila Aguilar, Architect from the Ibero-American University of Mexico City, is a founding partner of the firm Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos, she has collaborated in the offices of Alberto Kalach (Mexico) and Emilio Ambasz (New York).

Her grandfather, Architect Victor de la Lama and her mother Lucila de la Lama, a jewelry designer, have inspired her professional career, inspiring her to integrate a high aesthetic value to the details and spaces she designs. With her studies and experience in art and photography, she has managed to give her work an artistic twist. As a plastic artist, she curated the exhibition “Creative Lineage” at the Faculty of Architecture of the UNAM, as a tribute to her grandfather, Architect Victor de la Lama, and has exhibited at “Isabel Serrano Fine Art Gallery” in Mexico City.

She has been invited to exhibit in several prestigious forums, such as the 2019 Havana Biennale, the XIV Mexican Architecture Biennale and the 2021 Venice Biennale, among others, in addition to having received various awards for her work.

Her quest for sustainability has led her to integrate construction techniques with earth and bamboo to her projects, developing details, connections and finding suppliers in the management of bamboo.

Practice Ideology

Lucila Aguilar Arquitectos is an architecture firm based in Mexico City, that proposes to redefine the space and world in which we live. We are in a constant search for new ways of being, living and relating to each other and to the environment. With an emphasis on innovation, sustainability and quality design, we seek to innovate with strategies and materials that lead us to a harmonious relationship with the Earth, creating examples that inspire the creation of a world in balance, being the seed of social and ecological awareness.

We found bamboo to be the best construction material to help us reach our goals; it is a natural material that regenerates easily, it is capable of integrating into the natural cycles, it has a resistance to compression similar to concrete and to traction similar to steel and it makes beautiful structures.

Since the firm was founded in 2016, it has received many recognitions and participated in some of the most important architecture exhibitions and forums worldwide, such as the La Habana Biennale, the XIV Mexican Architecture Biennale, the 2021 Venice Biennale, INK Talk India, Design Week Mexico, among others. Demonstrating that with creativity and innovation, natural materials and artisan processes can be the solution for a promising future.

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