Lucio Muniain et al

Lucio Muniain et al


  • Practice: Lucio Muniain et al
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Mexico City
  • Country: Mexico
  • Year: NA

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Lucio Muniain









Practice Ideology

LUCIO MUNIAIN et al is an architecture and urban planning office founded in 1997 by Lucio Muniain (Mexico City, 1969). There is a Latin word, et alia, which literally means “and the others.” It is used above all in bibliographies for those books whose authorship is not due to one or two people but to an entire group, in order to cite only one name and indicate, without mentioning all the rest, that the one cited is not the sole author. The abbreviation of that term, et al., is incorporated into the name of the office to celebrate the collaboration. 

The work of LUCIO MUNIAIN et al is distinguished by its interest in exploring aesthetics deeply without sacrificing functionality, thus creating timeless buildings with a particular sculptural seal, working with projects of all kinds in terms of scale and type, from large-scale hospitals, single-family residences, boutique or large-scale hotels, the Plaza de la Constitución (CDMX 2017), to a recently opened taqueria of 7.5 square metres of construction. 

The office has participated in more than 70 architectural competitions around the world and does not participate in any biennial, triennial, or architecture award of any kind.

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