MB Architecture

MB Architecture


  • Practice: MB Architecture
  • Website: www.mbarchitecture.com/
  • Firm Location: Sag Harbor, Manhattan, New York
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 1996

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Maziar Behrooz

Maziar is a graduate of Tulane, the Cornell Schools of Architecture, and the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies. He has served as an advisory board member at the Tulane School of Architecture, a guest curator at the Parrish Museum of Art, and president of the AIA Peconic. Maziar’s work has been exhibited at the Salomon Contemporary Gallery, the Parrish Museum of Art Road Show, the Outsider Art Fair, and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Practice Ideology

Over the past 30 years, the practice has envisioned, designed, and built a diverse range of buildings and spaces, from quick-build, prefabricated homes to custom-crafted, private residences; they’ve designed art installations, commercial and cultural spaces, places of worship, multi-family housing, specialty museums, and public spaces. The ‘Arc House’, ‘House in the Lanes’, ‘Amagansett Modular’, and ‘Driftwood House’ are some of the more known examples of their residential work, while the ‘Art Box’, ‘New Herrick Park’, and ‘Park Erratica’ illustrate their ongoing research in community-oriented projects.

They have collaborated with and culled together a team of expert craftspeople, builders, engineers, and designers who share their enthusiasm and expertise in bringing a variety of complex projects to life—and who are now part of their larger team of experienced and reliable professionals. 

Their built work is dotted in numerous locations on the East End of Long Island (Hamptons), in New York, and Germany, and they have envisioned projects for New Orleans, China, Austria, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, and Chile.

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