Meirav Galan Architect

Meirav Galan Architect


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Meirav Galan (Principal Architect)


The goal and ambition of MGA is creating a whole architecture. Strong relations between In and Out and between Large scale and Small scale. The architectural solution must be creative, sophisticated and aesthetic. An outcome of a constant dialogue with the clients, fulfilling their needs and expectations. As an Architect and founder of MGA I believe in Minimalistic design, neat and simple defined by form, material, texture and light, free of decorativeness, yet full of timeless style. Emphasizing on the role of details and reaching the perfect design. “SO, WHAT KIND OF ARCHITECT ARE YOU?” Actually, I don’t like narrowing down one’s abilities, just like an actress escaping typecasts. Basically I’ve experienced almost everything : forty floors as well as one floor, exteriors and interiors, residential and offices, private and public, huge budgets and squeezed budgets…you name it. That’s how it’s like when you work for years in a leading architectural office. Today my projects focus on the smaller scale : two or four floors are in fact less than forty, an office space is not the whole building and a home library is not the public library. I live in Tel-Aviv along with my husband and 3 energetic girls. Live architecture and design, but totally breathe my private life.

That’s the Architect I am.

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