Mimosa Architects

Mimosa Architects


  • Practice: Mimosa Architects
  • Website: mimosa.cz/
  • Firm Location: Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Year: NA

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Petr Moráček







Jana Zoubková







Pavel Matyska







Practice Ideology

Mimosa architects design houses and areas outside of the ordinary, but always for the clients and for a given place. They can dream it up and think it over to the last detail. It entertains them. They are aware of their responsibility for common space of life, for the client’s expectations, and for the resources invested in the construction, and they do not regret their efforts to verify their ideas.

Atelier Mimosa Architects was founded in 2007; in 2010, it converted into a company. Its founding members were Petr Moráek, Jana Zoubková, and Pavel Matyska. They cooperate with numerous teams of designers to realize buildings of various typologies, including new constructions and reconstructions, with investment budgets ranging from the lowest to large-scale public buildings. They design and build houses and interiors throughout the entire Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Jana Zoubková was irreplaceable both in the design and construction of Trautenberk, Hostivar H1, H2, and Osegg breweries, the Javornice distillery, and other public and private constructions. The Javornice Distillery was evaluated in both Czech architectural contests in 2017 (the Grand Prix and The Czech Prize for Architecture). The Trautenberk brewery was appraised in the 2018 contest of The Czech Price for Architecture.

Moreover, the works of the atelier have won various domestic and foreign architectural contests.

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