Miró Rivera Architects

Miró Rivera Architects


  • Practice: Miró Rivera Architects
  • Website: www.mirorivera.com/
  • Firm Location: Austin
  • Country: Texas
  • Year: 2000

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Practice Ideology

Our design approach is built on the belief that architecture should engage in a positive dialog with the community, both responding to and re-imagining its context. Our philosophy is rooted in what we call “responsible architecture.” It is an approach that responds to the three basic areas of responsibility that we believe architects must address in every project:

Architect “Thinker”

First, we must take care of the needs of our clients, their site, their program, and their desires with a real understanding of their budget. This is the main reason people hire architects. In this area the architect tries to understand the specific circumstances of every project, acting as a “listener” or “thinker.”

Architect “Builder”

Second, we have to design buildings that are sound, durable, and have low energy and water consumption. In this area of responsibility the architect plays the role of the expert in building codes, materials, construction, and coordination. In this area the architect acts as the engineer, the professional, the “builder.”

Architect “Artist”

Third, we have to design buildings that are beautiful, attractive, pleasant to be in, and pleasant to look at. This is the toughest and least well-defined area of responsibility, and the one in which a building transcends mere construction to become architecture. In this area the architect plays the role of the “artist.”

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