M+R Interior Architecture

M+R Interior Architecture


  • Practice: M+R Interior Architecture
  • Firm Location: Eindhoven
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Year: 2000

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Hans Maréchal (Principal Architect)

Practice Ideology

M+R interior architecture is an internationally operating interior architecture firm founded in 2000 by Hans Maréchal. We design spaces that seamlessly meet the needs of the user. We think it is important that our sustainable architecture touches people and leaves an indelible impression.

Public buildings
Our office mainly focuses on renovating and furnishing projects in the utility, leisure and retail sectors. The projects we realize often have a robust public function. This includes airports, theatres, libraries, schools, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, medical centres, banks and government buildings.

Office innovation
It is also one of our areas of expertise. We always base the concepts for innovative work environments on the needs and wishes of the organization and, in particular, the employees. Ergonomics (Arbo), safety, customer-friendliness and routing are essential aspects. Because light contributes to the quality of the environment, we attach great importance to the optimal integration of technical possibilities, especially in the field of lighting architecture.

M+R interior architecture has extensive experience in repurposing existing buildings, including monumental buildings (mostly national monuments). Our architects carefully explore the limits of the possibilities, always with respect for the building’s architectural and/or historical qualities.

Eye for detail
The wishes and requirements of our clients are always the guiding principles for our designs. We carefully translate creativity, functionality, sustainability and ergonomics into a unique end product with its own identity. We use a conceptual approach for every project, resulting in a comprehensive plan with an eye for detail.

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