Objektor architekti

Objektor architekti


  • Practice: Objektor architekti
  • Website: objektor.cz/
  • Firm Location: Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Year: 2017

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Jakub Červenka

Václav Šuba

Vojtěch Šaroun

Tereza Porybná

Tereza Porybná is a creative producer, visual anthropologist, and curator. She has worked in many fields: as programme director of the One World Festival, on a humanitarian mission in Ethiopia, and for six years as director of the Czech Centre in London. As a producer and curator, she has worked with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Cermodern in Ankara, BOZAR in Brussels, Nonriservato in Milan, etc. She is currently working on Woods, an interdisciplinary project on the intersection of art, ecology, and neuroscience. She teaches art management at the Academy of Art, Architecture, and Design in Prague. 

In 2022, she founded Ovenecká 33, an art and residency space where she organises art residencies, gives yoga classes, and plans to host exhibitions. During the COVID lockdown, she learned how to read tarot cards. Lately, she most enjoys planting seeds and watching them grow.

Practice Ideology

Objektor was formed in 2017 while they were studying at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague as a platform for cooperation in the field of architecture and its related subjects. From then on, they have been working on projects of various scales and typologies. The team now focuses both on small-scale objects and larger architectural assignments. 

The designers at Objektor Architekti listen carefully to their clients. They believe that clients are partners with whom they share their enthusiasm for the creative process. They look for topics defining the individual essence of each task and for ways to move the boundaries in each project. 

They cover all phases of the design process, from designing the concept to delivering the project for the building permit, preparing the detailed drawings, and supervising the construction. They also represent their clients during the process of applying for building permits and other necessary documents.

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