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Office Istanbul Architects


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Kemal Serkan Demir

Kemal Serkan Demir is the founder and leading partner at Office Istanbul Architects. He was born in 1985 in Antalya and resides in Istanbul. He studied architecture at YTU in Istanbul. After graduation, he stayed in London for a couple of months to experience architectural workshops. He received an MA degree in interior design from ITU and Stuttgart University. He was selected as one of the 40 architects under 40 in Europe. He participated in several workshops about architectural design in Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. He is attending studio courses as a visiting lecturer at YTU.


Practice Ideology

Led by Kemal Serkan Demir, who was handpicked as one of the ‘Best Architects 40 under 40 in Europe,’ the firm stands as a beacon of innovation. They celebrate time-honoured techniques, infusing them with a contemporary flair. Their creations transcend the realm of mere structures; they are living, breathing masterpieces, a testament to the enduring legacy of ‘Timeless Techniques in Architecture.’ 

Their foundation is built on a steadfast commitment to creative design and an unwavering dedication to delivering professional excellence. With a rapidly expanding team of young, passionate designers and architects, they consistently provide clients with exceptional service, inspiring design solutions, and meticulous attention to detail.  

Their portfolio is a rich tapestry of diverse projects, each undertaken with a fresh perspective on design challenges. Their multidisciplinary team, comprising architects, interior designers, and CAD drafters, offers a comprehensive range of services, including architectural design, interior design, project management, retail design, fixture design, image and identity design, and graphic design. Their extensive experience spans residential, hospitality, showrooms, modern agricultural spaces, space planning, and commercial spaces.  

At Office Istanbul Architects, the mission transcends brick and mortar; it’s about crafting unforgettable experiences, forging harmonious connections with nature, harnessing its wonders, and spreading love through the art of architecture.

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