OOIIO Arquitectura

OOIIO Arquitectura


  • Practice: OOIIO Arquitectura
  • Website: ooiio.com/
  • Firm Location: Madrid
  • Country: Spain
  • Year: 2010

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Joaquin Millan Villamuelas

Architect from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, ETSAM. After working in some of the most important and influential architecture studios on the international contemporary scene, such as those of Norman Foster (London) or Rem Koolhaas (Rotterdam), he founded OOIIO somewhere in La Mancha in 2010, as an Architecture and City laboratory. capable of providing spatial quality and uniqueness to each work.

Joaquín directs the work of the OOIIO architecture studio, seeking emotion, imagination and aesthetics in each project, always relying on the crutches of reason, technique and efficiency.

He has been an assistant professor of projects at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, ETSAM while developing his doctorate, as well as in various seminars and universities in Europe and Latin America. Joaquín Millán also regularly gives lectures showing the work of the OOIIO architecture studio in different forums and his work has been exhibited, awarded and published in multiple magazines, books and blogs around the world.

Practice Ideology

We define ourselves as a creative company, focused on innovation in architecture, through achievable solutions. It is our responsibility to know how to use the right resources to efficiently solve a project. Many times the most intelligent solution to a problem is found in simplicity and in the re-interpretation of tradition.

OOIIO Architecture will always bet on surprise, uniqueness, and creativity, regardless of the size or budget of the project. We dedicate a large part of our resources and time to the investigation of novel solutions starting from what already exists, from the initial restrictions. We implement the added value of creativity to all types of projects that seek to stand out from the rest.

The human team that makes up OOIIO Arquitectura works with dedication and talent, resolving every detail of the project, and creating a very personalized and close relationship with the client. We propose fresh and innovative architectural solutions, full of originality and surprise that seek to provide sustainable answers to the different problems that our clients present to us.

We use different types of design techniques in our projects, not just technological tools. We do not give up working with our hands, drawing, and building models, so as not to lose the human sense of architecture.

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