Pablo Luna Studio

Pablo Luna Studio


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Pablo Luna

Pablo Luna is a Chilean-born architect, artist, and designer with a Peruvian – Lebanese heritage background. Luna studied architecture at Columbia University in New York City. He became aware of the world-renowned ecological architecture movement that gained momentum in Bali, Indonesia. 

Once on the island, Luna’s understanding of what it meant to design and work with this living grass came to fruition. Gaining confidence in his ability to establish his interpretation of organic architecture materialized through several years of working on bamboo and wood structures of various scales and functions.

Pablo aspires to carry his predecessors’ ecological building and living cultural legacy through this studio framework into the challenging environmental future.

Practice Ideology

Pablo Luna Studio focuses on architecture’s design, development, and construction. We design with locally sourced materials that have a low environmental impact while creating high-performance buildings that won’t be expensive to heat and maintain.  

Working as practical inventors with a natural–organic style, our motivation is to design soulful and interesting places which embrace and celebrate the complexities of the real world. Beyond the technical aspects of organic design, the studio cherishes the simple notion of emphasizing and accentuating the beauty of natural materials and the well-being of their presence.

Our architectural design philosophy consists of 4 main elements: Biomimicry, Environment, Tri Hita Karana, and Sustainability. Together, these topics create a mindful foundation for all of our works and inform decision-making throughout the process. When allowing such philosophies to guide our architectural practice, each project successfully co-creates with its physical, cultural, and spiritual surroundings.

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