PG Associates

PG Associates


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Srikrishnan P

Ar. Srikrishnan, Son of Mr.Pandurangan is the Chief Architect and head of design and research. He has his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture (SAP), Anna University, and a Master’s Degree in Advanced Architecture from Staedelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt, Germany.  He worked under few architects in Bangalore and Chennai before merging his practice with PG Associates.

Pandurangan V

The founder Mr.Pandurangan started his career in the construction field at L&T in the early ’90s. Then he partnered with his colleague from L&T and started his own construction company catering residential and interior needs. In 2009 Mr.Pandurangan founded PG Associates as a sole proprietor. From its inception, PG associates have completed various projects in various scales which includes Architecture, Construction, Interiors, Renovation, etc.

Practice Ideology

PG ASSOCIATES is a Coimbatore based group of architects, designers, engineers, builders and thinkers working within the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Research and Development. We strive towards leaving a positive legacy for future generations because we believe architecture is a process of designing the future. We believe that each and every client is different and the architecture around them should embrace it.

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