Playball studio

Playball studio


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Ronak Gangdev

Playball studio was unintentionally founded by Architect Ronak Gangdev with the foolish belief that every project is an opportunity to push the envelope to discover a relevant solution. The studio is currently labouring in the misfiring of various projects. Ronak has interned at Flying Elephant Studio and in 2014 he was selected for the Dwell : Design for Density workshop at the Charles Correa Foundation. After graduation, he worked with Stéphane Paumier on various reputed institutional projects. In 2017, Ronak was selected for the prestigious Glenn Murcutt International Architecture Master Class at Australia, where he got to study and learn from stalwarts like Glenn Murcutt, Brit Andresen, Richard Leplastrier, Peter Stutchbury and Lindsay Johnston.


Practice ideology

Our design philosophy is pretty much emblematic of our name, playball studio. We prefer ‘to play ball’ with our projects. We always ask our clients / patrons to give us as many requirements as they can, after which we try to tweak the brief in the best possible way with respect to the site, climate, time, and budget. For all our projects, we always undertake a conscious study of the immediate context and climate, irrespective of the nature of the project. We strongly believe that such an inquiry provides us with the necessary clues to shape a rational approach. It also adds a layer of honesty to the subsequent built environment as it will be truly responsive to its surroundings. It is our constant endeavor to achieve economical yet elegant solutions for all our projects and for that reason our design language is structure-oriented. For us, the honest expression of structure shapes our Architecture. We do not prefer to hide one layer under the other; for us, they should always complement each other. We believe that every building should express itself honestly with its form, mass, material, fenestrations, and pauses.

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