POEM- People Of Earth and Matter

POEM- People Of Earth and Matter


  • Practice: POEM- People Of Earth and Matter
  • Website: www.thepoem.co.in/
  • Firm Location: Calicut, Kerala
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2018

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Ar. Febin Mathai






Ar.Jithin T






Ar. Ajai Jose






Practice Ideology

P.O.E.M is a design collective whose inception was facilitated by the meeting of the principal architects, Ar. Ajai Jose, hailing from DC College of Architecture, Vagamon and  Ar. Febin Mathai, from College of Architecture, Trivandrum.

Their young energy joined forces with several other enthusiastic minds to form this multidisciplinary community that works on art in its various forms through its entirety, from architecture to formats of interior, furniture and product design to photography and film making.

P.O.E.M holds close its ideologies of exploration, nature and sensitivity whilst producing its humanely refined designs that stay in touch with the context and the likes of the user.

With a keen eye for the most intricate details, P.O.E.M is all for experimenting with different styles of work and architecture and this excitement is what seeps into the projects to bring out the most wonderful visions to life, with the necessary ideals of the clients and its translation onto the tactile products.  

Thus, the highly rejuvenating exchange amongst all- the team, users and the environment, paves way for responsive processes and delicate experiences.

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