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Practice Ideology

The atelier Renato Cintra Arquitectos, led by the architect Renato Cintra, was created in 2005 and the brand has been asserting itself ever since, continuing to dedicate itself to architecture, coordination and supervision of works. Its intervention focuses mainly on residential architecture, with projects from scratch or renovations, in the private segment. In addition, the portfolio includes corporate projects and public spaces.

The atelier, currently composed of a staff of five architects, a designer and an all-rounder, also relies on the external collaboration of multidisciplinary technical teams. It frequently integrates interns, contributing to the training of young Architects and benefiting from the freshness and vigor of new talents.

Over these years of work, the projects developed have come to show maturity, thanks to accumulated learning, lived experiences, the technical means and materials available, and, not least, the contribution of each of the elements that have integrated the team. Efficient interaction with customers and employees is a significant asset for our goal of improving the quality of our services every day.

The year 2021 was marked by the opening of a new Atelier, in the prime area of the city of Lagos, with the aim of providing the Team with better working conditions and offering Customers a more pleasant space.

In 2022 we developed Interior Design, aiming to integrate, in harmony, the comfort and functionality of the architectural space with the identity of each Client, allowing to create of pleasant, sustainable environments that mirror the personality of those who inhabit them.

The commitment to quality and the passion for architecture remains, which marks each of the works developed, seeking to exceed the client’s ideal, in balance with the aesthetics of the design and the constraints of the surroundings. Sustainability and functional efficiency are equally privileged in the design of each project.

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