Ricardo Azevedo Arquitecto

Ricardo Azevedo Arquitecto


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Ricardo Azevedo

The communicative desire of the imagined, the delicate taste for art and, in particular, for communication through drawing, motivated Ricardo Azevedo to follow the path of architecture from an early age. In this sense, he attended the Architecture Course at the University of Porto (FAUP). 

At FAUP, he grew and learned through direct contact with Masters of Portuguese Architecture. While still a student, he worked in the office of architect Francisco Barata and, at the same time, developed his bachelor’s dissertation, which led him to finish his course in 2000. 

Because he could not resist the desire to share his knowledge and simultaneously develop projects, he decided to teach from 2001 to 2013 at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP). 

In 2002, they set out to embark on an adventure known to this day by creating the company Ricardo Azevedo Arquiteto (RAA).

Practice Ideology

Ricardo Azevedo Arquitecto believes that the development of one’s own language is recognised by the maturation of ideas and concepts and the development of projects that are characterised by their distinctive features. Through form and design, it is possible to recognise a unique way of seeing and feeling architecture. An architecture that aims to communicate in itself, that aims to be the soul of those who inhabit it, but in which the traces of the hand that designed it do not go unnoticed. It is a specific way of communicating the imagined, which aims to be shared, felt, and experienced by those who inhabit it, by those who contemplate it, and by those who cannot resist and let themselves be led in the ‘choreography’ that is architecture.

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