RO_AR architects

RO_AR architects


  • Practice: RO_AR architects
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Świnoujście
  • Country: Czech Republic, Poland
  • Year: 2011

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Szymon Rozwalka









Practice Ideology

RO_AR Architects was established in 2011. The studio operates in Poland and the Czech Republic. A very important sphere of operation of the studio is designing “within the existing”, and “in contradiction”. Theoretically, we are concerned with an interaction with the existing. Not in the sense of subordinating the NEW TO THE OLD or subordinating the OLD TO THE NEW, but in the sense of a clash of both. In a clash of the NEW and EXISTING, the CONTEMPORARY and the PAST, we see immense potential for a release of the SUBCONSCIOUS and the creation of the UNEXPECTED. Szymon Rozwałka teaches at the Department of Experimental Design, Faculty of Architecture, BUT (Brno University of Technology).

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