SferaBlu, Naman Shah Architects

SferaBlu, Naman Shah Architects


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Naman Shah

Naman Shah has a Bachelor of Architecture from C.E.P.T. (Ahmedabad) and a Masters of Urban Management and Architectural Design from Domus Academy (Milan). Experimenting and collaborating with various artists, craftsmen and creative minds is what he loves to do. With each project he aims to play with new technology and strive for a better built environment.




Practice Ideology

SferaBlu was founded in 2007 in Ahmedabad with an idea to question the cookie cutter approach in design. This approach led to the creation of few projects which were quite experimental in nature. Slowly a method was created which involved being introduced with new materials on a regular basis, figuring out its characteristics and giving it a new personality in our buildings. This process has led us to collaborate with some really amazing minds in the creative space. Recently in the last 5 years we have learnt that trees, insects, animals and birds should be considered in the same category as walls and columns in respect to architecture. Nature plays an important role in our design. We are in the middle of integrating future technology to analyse how much integration with surrounding environment is essential.

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