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  • Firm Location: Barcelona
  • Country: Spain
  • Year: 2012

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Victor Verges

Renowned for his pragmatic approach, dynamic workflow, and impeccable technical criteria, Victor has the ability to create innovative solutions for zero-energy projects where environmentally friendly practices drive the entire design process. His job involves developing a deep understanding of the client’s assignment so that each requirement can be addressed (and improved) from the first draft, always keeping in mind the achievement of the best functional, flexible and healthy living environment.

Trained as an architect and specialized in Project Management at La Salle University – URL , Víctor is an expert in Ecological and Healthy Architecture. His concerns in this field were developed at the Spanish Bioconstruction Institute , through a two-year educational program that to this day connects him with a solid network of colleagues and collaborators.

Victor’s leadership is friendly and close. Under his direction, the Slow team is made up of highly talented people with multidisciplinary skills who meet the highest standards of quality, rigor and efficiency. He is passionate about Architecture and strongly believes that an engaged architectural practice can improve people’s well-being, create resilient environments and achieve a more sustainable existence.

Jade Serra

Jade Serra is co-founder of Slow Studio, where she manages all aspects of business development and leads the Slow Research department. Her rational and analytical way of thinking is the asset behind every Slow strategy, from the study’s approach to projects to the decisions made within the internal research team.

Jade’s architectural training began at ETSAB – Barcelona School of Architecture and TKK – Helsinki University of Technology, a degree that was later complemented by a diploma in Project Management from La Salle University – URL. She finally specialized in Ecological and Healthy Construction at the Spanish Institute of Bioconstruction, an institution that led Slow Studio to have a wide network of like-minded professionals.

Jade is firmly committed to sharing the studio’s knowledge with the rest of the world, as she believes that opening a dialogue between different generations of architects and clients, thus creating a learning community, is the way to find the right solutions to build a future better.

Practice Ideology

We are a team of young professionals with a lot of experience who share a passion for a slow lifestyle. In addition to talent, rigor is an essential skill in each step of our work because we value working together with our clients in a comprehensive definition of their project. A meticulous development of each phase guarantees budget monitoring, time and client-study communication, fundamental elements for correct decision-making throughout the process.

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