Soong Lab+

Soong Lab+


  • Practice: Soong Lab+
  • Firm Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2013

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Wang Songtao

Jane Zhang







Practice Ideology

Soong Lab+, founded in 2013 in Beijing by Wang Songtao and Jane Zhang, is a design firm that aims at exploring the relationship between lifestyle and living experience in diversified forms. Soong Lab+ builds a dialogue between people and place through continuous design practice, and realizes the possibility of symbiosis between nature, humanity and area by communication and collaboration with professionals rooted in different files.

Soong Lab+ respects consideration of the essence of things, pays attention to the values and starting points of design, and does not blindly follow the style, form and feeling of the public view. Keep the passion, curiosity and sensitivity of life, emphasize the attitude of creation, and adhere to real design.

Soong Lab+ has a wide range of design projects, ranging from small cultural and tourism commercial complexes, and luxurious buildings in mountains and seacoast to urban renewal. The representative works include the ‘Shidao Resort’ interior design completed in Shandong province, the creative lifestyle space ‘Atelier Ting’ in Beijing, ‘SG Office’ for advertising people, nearly 40,000 square meters ‘Birch Forest Resort’ integrating hotel planning, landscape and architecture design, and ‘Island House Boutique Hotel’ located in Saipan, USA.

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