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SRG Partnership


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Aaron Pleskac

Since SRG founded our Seattle office in 2002, Aaron has served as a project manager and project architect on a range of complex projects, including work for the University of Washington, Seattle University, City of Bellevue and Grays Harbor College. His ability to work in all aspects of a project, from consulting with clients and public agencies to coordinating with contractors in the field, makes him particularly adept at multifaceted projects with large teams and complex stakeholder processes.

Practice Ideology

Our mission and passion is to create innovative environments that enable our clients to achieve their highest aspirations. We design buildings and spaces that will readily adapt over time, that serve our clients now and into the future, and that inspire those who spend time there. We design places that endure. We believe that success is a team effort and our culture at SRG is committed to that premise. By valuing the ideas and contributions of everyone involved in our work, we form a deep collaboration between the members of our teams and our clients, consultants, and construction partners. We understand that encouraging everyone. SRG’s staff includes interior designers, architects, graphic designers, builders, virtual-reality experts, urban designers, master planners, brand strategists, dreamers, accountants, marketers, human resource professionals and much more. Each of us strives to elevate our fellow human beings through the work we do leads to high performing teams.

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