Stak Office

Stak Office


  • Practice: Stak Office
  • Firm Location: Shiraz
  • Country: Iran
  • Year: 2004

(“Text as submitted by Architect”)

Ali Sodagaran and Nazanin Kazeroonian

They born in 1977 and started their academic education in 1995 in Azad University of art and architecture of Shiraz and graduated in Master of Science, in 2004.

They established their own architectural studio in 2004 and started their professional working with Sustainable Architecture approach and projects that related to cultural heritage and Tourism. Designing Tourism Information, Tourism House, Divankhaneh cistern, Noorabad History Museum, Persapolis Museum, Saadi Research Center, Designing and rehabilitating of Hafezieh and Saadi Complex and dozen of residential and official projects.

Architecture Awards and Recognitions

2010/Second prize in the competition of Architecture and Building Journal in the section of public buildings for designing Divankhaneh water cristern.

2010/First prize in the competition of Art and Architecture Journal in the section of public buildings for designing Divankhaneh water cristern.

2004/Winner in the competition of Architecture of Oxford Brookes University for Sustainable House.

2019/ Architect of the year in Iran from Art and Architecture Journal.

2015/Second prize of Asian architecture in the reconstruction section for designing the Divankhaneh water cristern.

2011/ Selected as the top 10 villas of the year by the Architizer Architecture site for designing the Weekend house

Practice Ideology

Today after all experiences that we have, we are trying to find our way. And the material of this discovery and intuition is more than images related to experience and construction and touch of space. A valuable architecture is not only competition architecture or magazines or formal ones. So, we spend more time to choose the detail of our project instead of editing our images. Nowadays architecture gets a different meaning and it is not just focused on rising the benefit of rich people or helping those who have power to increase their territory and also creating a luxurious architecture by using well known material brands. To us contemporary architecture does not mean being in a competition to create a computerize form. Solving an easy problem that leads to increasing the quality of space is our priority. In another hand we do our best to have a positive effect in our city, try to broaden the public horizon, maintaining the historical context and building and also gardens and mountains.

Today our questions are updating and this cycle of questions and answers that we interface with may never ends. And maybe all the joy that we get from being an architect is located in the heart of these endless questions.

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