Studio BO

Studio BO


(“Text as submitted by Architect”)

Omar Benmoussa (Principal Architect)

Benmoussa Omar is the founding architect of the architecture studio STUDIO BO based in Casablanca. He graduated from the Parisian school ESA (Ecole special d’architecture) He nourished his influences through various localities (Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro, Casablanca), all imprinted with a very strong architectural and artistic character and history.

Practice Ideology

Created 7 years ago, STUDIO BO is an architecture studio that wants to be multidisciplinary, and eclectic. Carrying her interest mainly in service, public and cultural equipment, it turned to projects such as the coding school of 1337 of Benguerir, the agora of Kouribga, the interurban station of Abidjan, but also the studio of the artist painter Abdelkebir Rabi’, as well as rehabilitation in the historic center of Casablanca, and in the Kasbah of Tangier.

The projects of Studio BO extend over several cities of the kingdom but also some African countries (Ivory Coast). Having a great interest in the visual arts, Omar co-initiated an independent cultural collective INTERVAL which works and participates in the revitalization of the emerging art scene and the democratization of culture through various cultural actions with strong social impact. It is important for him because it is an element that daily nourishes his architectural practice.”

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