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Studio Bonarchi


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Vangelis Bonios

Vangelis Bonios is an interior designer, curious by nature, striving for harmony and balance in every stage of his research and in every detail of his work. He holds a Master’s degree in interior design that he obtained next to Pr. Patricia Viel, co-founder of “Antonio Citterio and Partners” in Milan. This cherished encounter gave Vangelis, at an early stage of his studies, the opportunity to acquaint himself with high-end projects (such as Bulgari hotels and Valentino boutiques) from the creator’s point of view. 

Fine materials and simple, pure lines captured his attention from the very beginning of his work. During his fifteen-year partnership with “Zege Architects” as a head interior designer, he participated in large-scale projects like “The Met Hotel,”  a Design Hotels member, and “Astir Palace Hotel,”  in addition to other demanding projects like yachts’ interiors and private residences.

Practice Ideology

Studio Bonarchi is a boutique interior design agency conceived by Vangelis Bonios. Constantly focusing on incessant research into texture, composition, colour, ambience, and local history, Studio Bonarchi creates refined, timeless interiors and love-to-live-in spaces. A distinctive noble simplicity with an eye for detail is consistent with the studio’s identity.

By creating Studio Bonarchi, a boutique agency founded on creativity and on ideas and beliefs that reflect his personal vision of aesthetics, Vangelis Bonios works with a team of young designers and local, experienced artisans to design bespoke interiors with a strong visual impact. His projects, whether at the scale of a residence, a restaurant, or a hotel, awaken emotions and stand out for showing respect to context and tradition. A certain sense of understated, low-key luxury, achieved through the use of fine materials and attention to detail, emerges as the very essence of Studio Bonarchi. With an open eye towards the global interior design scene, Vangelis Bonios approaches every project by exploring its intrinsic environment, always based on his love for the diverse vocabulary of interiors.

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